How to Cure PE At Home

What is Your Sexual Lasting Power?

Some men ejaculate in 5 minutes, others in 10 minutes, and there are men who even last for over 30 minutes? Do you want to know how to cure PE? So read this!

Why this big difference in lasting power?  Trust me, It is all about endurance. You can call it sexual endurance but I would like to call it mental endurance.

Sex Is Not About the Size of Your Penis

 It is about how long you can last in bed. You can be endowed size-wise but if you are a three minutes man, you will not be able to satisfy your lover. Time is of the essence.

Your Lasting Power Defines Your Manliness

Therefore, premature ejaculation kills your manliness. It attacks the very heart of your sexuality. It makes you to appear as less of a man before your girlfriend. That is unfortunate but it is the truth. 

Sex Is a Mind Game

This is something that most men do not understand. Sex has more to do with the mind and less to do with the body. Trust me, over 90% of premature ejaculation cases can be blamed on the mind.

Most Men think That they Understand Sex but They Don’t

Sex has largely been misunderstood by the male species. That is why many women do not feel satisfied in bed. Many men are only after their own sexual gratification. They leave their women unsatisfied and their women have to turn to sex toys.

  • Most Men Do Not Understand That Premature Ejaculation Is Hurting Their Women?

    They think that it is okay to ejaculate in 5 minutes or ten minutes. After doing that they doze off in slumberland leaving their women high and dry. And they don’t know how to cure PE at home.

  • Most Men Do Not Even Think that They Have Premature Ejaculation

    Although billions of men have premature ejaculation it is only a few million men who have come forward and recognized that they have a problem. If you are one of such men, you have made the right decision not only for yourself but for your partner and your relationship.

The Decision to Conquer PE is the Best Decision That You Can Ever Make in Your Life

Life is all about decisions. Bad decisions lead to regrets later in life. Good decisions lead to profit. The decision to conquer premature ejaculation will totally transform your life. When you improve your sex life, most areas of your life will also improve. Your relationship will transform for the better and your confidence level will skyrocket.

Do you want to Know how to Cure PE?

I can only give you one answer: TRAIN YOUR MIND.

 The guy who first said it is all in the mind was definitely right. Success is in the mind. Health is the mind. Definitely, also sexual power is in the mind. Therefore, premature ejaculation is a decision that you make. You need to decide to conquer PE.

Premature Ejaculation is Mental? That Might Sound Unconventional

They have been telling you all along it has everything to do with your penis. I mean the doctors and the many “premature ejaculation experts” that you have visited all your life. As a matter of fact, they have recommended many solutions all of which seem not to work. You might have been told to do Kegel exercises a number of times a day but you have quickly realized that this is not the solution.

They have recommended all manner of creams, toys, and drugs but you are still stuck with good old premature ejaculation.

JUST Train Your Mind & You Will Be Fine

There are around 2 billion men in the world. Most of these men have faced premature ejaculation at one point or another. Do you want to tell me that all these men have a problem with their penis? That cannot be the case. The simple answer is that premature ejaculation is mostly a mental issue. It is only in a few cases that the body might be to blame. 

You Need to Increase Your Mental Endurance Threshold to Conquer PE

When you increase your mental endurance threshold you will go from lasting 5 minutes in bed to lasting over 30 minutes. This is not rocket science. It is something that you can easily achieve.

Increasing Your Ejaculation Threshold

This will take some time. With PE is a Choice book, it will take around 12 weeks. Increasing ejaculation threshold will involve mental training, masturbation exercises, and visual simulation exercises.

how to cure pe

How to cure PE

Visual Arousal Exercises will Increase Your Ejaculation Threshold

These are some of the most powerful exercises that you can carry out to improve your ejaculation threshold. They only involve your eyes and ears. You must not use your hands no matter how aroused you are. It might seem tempting to masturbate. Once you do that you will need to go back to step zero until you learn to master your ejaculation.

Masturbation Exercises will Increase Your Ejaculation Threshold

Masturbation might look like a bad thing. Of course, it is bad when it is an addiction. Most things in life are only good in moderation. Too much of anything is poison.

Masturbation might look like a bad thing. Of course, it is bad when it is an addiction. Most things in life are only good in moderation. Too much of anything is poison.

  • The masturbation exercises explained in PE is a Choice Book do not involve the typical masturbation as you know it. You will need to close your eyes, breathe through your nose, and monitor your body signals.
  • Each exercise should take 30 minutes. You will start with basic masturbation exercises and slowly progress towards advanced exercises.
  • You will need to stimulate yourself until you get hard and subsequently remember how it feels when it is erected.
  • As soon as you feel you want to ejaculate, you will need to STOP. Doing these exercises on a regular basis will help you to build ejaculation endurance.

Take Action before it is Too Late

You do not have to wait to hit rock bottom. You do not have to wait until your girlfriend leaves you so that to think about conquering premature ejaculation. You do not have to wait until your sense of self-confidence is completely decimated. The earlier that you start the PE is a Choice journey, the better. We are here to guide to how to cure PE.

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