Premature Ejaculation Tips

Has premature ejaculation defeated you? Have you tried everything and failed? Do you want to learn to defeat premature ejaculation tips?

Many people are unable to stop premature ejaculation because they do not know how the ejaculation mechanism works. Also, they do not know how it is controlled. Most people do not understand their body.

You Need to Understand Your Body

If you do not know what goes on in your body during ejaculation it will be hard to control your ejaculation. You need to know yourself. You require PE tips.

You Need to Know the Muscles that Control Ejaculation 

These are the top-secret muscles

Once you know these muscles, you can learn how to control them using the PE is a Choice book. The so-called PE doctors and experts never speak about these muscles yet they are the muscles that play a significant role in the mechanism of ejaculation. All that the “experts” are talking about are Kegel exercises, start and stop technique, toys, drugs, condoms, and creams. These are ineffective as far as stopping premature ejaculation is concerned.

Pelvic muscles are responsible for controlling ejaculation. They perform different tasks during ejaculation.

You Can Control Your Pelvic Muscles

This is good news because it means that if you can control your pelvic muscles and pelvic muscles control ejaculation, therefore, you can also control your ejaculation. Pelvic muscles are not independent. They are controlled by the central nervous system.

Relaxing and Contracting Your Pelvic Muscles is the Key to Conquering Premature Ejaculation

The pelvic floor has many muscles. If you want to conquer premature ejaculation, you need to know the muscles to contract and the muscles to relax. You will learn about that in the PE is a Choice book. This will give you powerful PE tips.

Taking Control of Your Ejaculation is all about Controlling Your Pelvic Muscles 

This will not be easy. It will require patience and constant practice. However, the prize justifies all the effort. You will not control your ejaculation overnight. According to PE is a Choice book, it will take close to 12 weeks to be able to so. A big part of the PE is a choice system is dedicated to muscle control.

The best premature ejaculation tips in PE is Choice book.


premature ejaculation tips

premature ejaculation tips

You Need to Understand the Four Stages Leading to Ejaculation to Conquer PE

Do you need to premature ejaculation tips in order to defeat PE? So go next step.

Step1: You Get Aroused 

It all starts with arousal. You will be aroused by external stimuli. This can be porn, stone-hard boobs, or being touched by a woman. Arousal will stimulate a part of the nervous system that is responsible for relaxation. After you are relaxed, nitric oxide is released. This will relax and nourish the smooth muscles of the penis. Relaxation makes the blood to flow into your penis. This blood fills specific compartments leading to an erection. This process is completely unintentional. 

Step 2: Arousal Increases Slightly More

If the process continues, arousal will increase slightly more. At this point, more muscles are involved and they exert pressure on the veins. This traps blood inside the penis. Therefore, the penis achieves peak hardness.

Step3: Arousal Keeps Increasing and the Testicles Move Up

The testicles move up because they want to release the pre-cum fluid to the urethra.

Step 4: The Penis Starts to Soften

This is the strongest indication that ejaculation has started.

Step 5: The Game gets Harder, Arousal Continues

Sperms begin accumulating in the urethra. You will begin feeling a tickling sensation.

Step 6: Game Over

The spinal cord triggers the pelvic muscles and sperms are released.

Can you Control Ejaculation at any of the Above Steps?

At step 1, 2, & 3, you can control ejaculation because the sperms have not been released. At step 4, it is extremely hard to control ejaculation because the ejaculation has started. At step 5 & 6, ejaculation cannot be controlled.

The Last Two Exits before the Bridge

During the ejaculation process, there are a number of contractions in the penis. You need to control these contractions if you want to control ejaculation. The two contractions just before ejaculation are called the two exits before the bridge. If you do not do anything until these two contractions happen, it will be too late. You will not be able to control the ejaculation of sperms. The last contraction is orgasm.

You Need to Control and Train Your Mind

Controlling your mind will help you to control ejaculation. You need to tame your mind. Sex is a complicated mental process. You need to prevent irrelevant imaginations and thoughts from making you to ejaculate. Premature ejacultion tips will help you keep to reading.

You Need to Improve Your Mental Endurance Using Visual Arousal and Masturbation Exercises

Your mental endurance will determine for how long you can control your ejaculation. If you can only control your ejaculation for ten minutes or less, it means that your mental endurance is low and you will need to work on it.

Will Masturbation Exercises Help to Increase your Mental Endurance?

Masturbation exercises explained in PE is a Choice book will help you to control your ejaculation. These exercises will not be done in a day. They will be done over a period of weeks.

  • There are basic masturbation exercises, masturbation version 2, and masturbation version 3. You will need to do the masturbation exercises in different sex styles so that to enhance your mental endurance in different styles. Each exercise should take thirty minutes.
  • Carrying out masturbation exercises in different styles will also create different feelings. When you introduce a wide variety of feelings, you will empower your mind. You need to concentrate on these feelings and be immersed in them so that to boost mental endurance.

Visual Arousal Exercises

Visual arousal exercises will involve using only your eyes and ears. You should not use your hands. The purpose of this exercise is to stretch your threshold point. If you usually ejaculate in five minutes, these exercises will progressively increase your threshold point to a level where you can even ejaculate after thirty minutes of sex.

The Bottom-Line

Your mind works like a computer program. You need to train your mind step by step so that to steer it away from premature ejaculation. PE is a Choice book will take you on a step by step mind control journey for conquering premature ejaculation.

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